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Here’s a live case study with some eye candy. Case of the supermodels. | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

Here’s a live case study with some eye candy. Case of the supermodels.

4 Aug

About a week ago, I stumbled across what may very well be the holy grail of search keywords.  These are keywords that, according to Google AdWords Keyword Tool, have the lowest possible competition (i.e. competition score of 0) and receive tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of local monthly searches.

I am referring to this as the holy grail, because we’re not  talking about a small handful of search keywords.  I’m not talking 5, nor 10, nor even 50 search terms.  I’m referring to hundreds upon hundreds of these keywords that you can dig up in the matter of 30 minutes.

Now, don’t worry.  This is not an eBook sales page and I’m not selling you anything.  You won’t need to spend $17 to discover what this big “secret” is all about.

So what is this holy grail?

It is celebrity names.  I’m using the term celebrity lightly.  Even someone on the D-list has the potential to amass 20,000+ local monthly searches, as I will illustrate shortly.

Let’s look at an example.  Have you ever seen the show Pretty Little Liars?  Neither have I and I never will.  However, I have heard of it.  (When I used to live in Hollywood, there was a billboard advertising it just down my street.)  The show has a lot of pretty young faces, but none of them are famous.

Anyway, I will show the potential of celebrity names using Pretty Little Liars.  Here is their cast, as listed on IMDb (

Recognize any of the names?  Probably only Chad Lowe.  Next, type them into Google AdWords Keyword Tool and check out the results.

The only keyword with a hint of competition is Chad Lowe, because he is an established actor.  All the other names get searched a ton on Google, but have 0 competition.  “Lucy Hales” receives 110,000 local monthly searches and almost a quarter million global searches!  There are 2 other names receiving about 50,000 local monthly searches, many with 20K+ and 30K+.  In fact, the least popular search phrase still gets 4,400 searches a month.

I didn’t kid you.  Pretty promising, right?

Now, Pretty Little Liars is just one TV show.  Plus, we didn’t even exhaust their full cast list.  You can find thousands of TV shows on IMDb, even more movies.  Think about the number of actor name keyword phrases this generates.

Moreover, this is only a fraction of the whole celebrity name playing field.  Beyond just actors, we have musicians, athletes, models, etc.

These celebrity name-based searches cater to a number of different types of web sites.  For instance, if we just focus on the TV & Film industry still, you can create any of the following types of sites:

  • TV show fan site
  • Celebrity fan site
  • Movie blog
  • TV blog
  • TV show spoilers
  • TV show gallery
  • Video download site
  • And so on…

The question that remains is whether these holy grail keywords will indeed translate into massive amounts of search engine traffic.  This is the question I hope to solve through this case study.

In this case study, I will create a fashion models gallery site.  There will be some nice eye candy, to keep you engaged. 😉  Let’s call this the Case of the Supermodels.  Like the Case of 300,000 and Counting, this will be a live case study.  I will be posting updates in real time.  The first phase of this case study will be to gain organic search engine traffic by ranking for the names of targeted supermodels.  The next phase will be then to monetize this traffic.  I have a couple thoughts around this already and will test some monetization tactics that will be new-ish to me.

Today, I have already registered a fresh domain name:  See my GoDaddy receipt below:

I have pretty much created the site.  Later today, I will upload it and then run the Rapid Google Indexer to get the domain indexed.

Day 1 – 8/4

  • Registered
  • Uploaded the site.
    • Club Supermodel is a photo gallery site of supermodels.  In its current design, it is semi-autopilot and autoscale.  I wrote a script that will automatically pull photos from various sites.  However, the process isn’t completed streamlined.  I need to moderate the photos to check that they are all relevant.  (In the way the script currently works, most photos are not relevant.)  For each photo uploaded, the site will automatically create a new page for it (i.e. autoscale).  I am focusing on photos that are more “rare,” which constitutes personal pics, cell phone pics, family and friends photos, etc.  This is the value-add component of the site and also differentiates Club Supermodel from other galleries showcasing the same models.
    • Upon launch, the site has 179 photos and about 200 pages.  I picked 10 models to start off the site and will begin SEO over the next few weeks focused on only 2-3 models.  With time, I will be adding more models to the lineup.  There is not much text, yet.   I will be adding more text content over the next couple  days and will provide more detail on this topic when it happens.  I have integrated some social media components (i.e. Facebook Like button, G+ button), as social proof seems important in the post-Panda update era.
    • Also, I added in a couple banners to fashion-related affiliates I found off LinkShare.
  • Integrated Google Analytics.  As I start seeing SEO results, I will begin posting regular traffic statistics from Google Analytics.
  • Ran the Rapid Google Indexer for

Day 2 – 8/5

  • Today, I start on SEO for the site.  The initial efforts will target 2 supermodels:
    • Candice Swanepoel keyword stats:
    • Doutzen Kroes keyword stats:
      • doutzen kroes” – low competition; 246,000 global monthly searches; 33,100 local monthly searches
      • doutzen kroes photos” – low competition; 4,400 global; 720 local
  • On-site SEO:
    • For each of these girl, I will write up a 500+ word bio on their profile page.  This will go at the bottom of the page.  Note that these are unique articles.
    • I will also add <meta description> tags across all pages.
  • Off-site SEO:
    • I will queue up 2 3-tiered SEO Matrices using Link Pushing (see this article for more info) for the 2 girls.  Then, I will overlay both Matrices with a 4th tier of social bookmarks (using Backlinks Genie).
    • I will use Backlinks Genie to social bookmark the 2 profile pages and 2 gallery pages.
    • As a result, this will use up a few iterations of my Backlinks Genie account and slow down the Backlinks Genie case study by a cycle or two.
    • I will also put up some footer sitewide links anchoring “candice swanepoel” and “doutzen kroes” across a couple of my well indexed content sites.

Day 4 – 8/7

  • I added approximately another 150 photos between the 2 targeted models just now.  To do find and gather such a large number of photos so quickly, I had to download them from other fan sites.  I used this free software called HTTrack Website Copier to accomplish this.

Day 6 – 8/9

  • The off-site SEO work with both Link Pushing and Backlinks Genie started processing today (i.e. they were in queue prior to today).  Over the next week or so, I should start to see some SERP movements.
  • Meanwhile, out of curiosity, I checked my Google Analytics stats.  So far, Google has sent over 13 visits.  Though a statistically insignificant sample size, the results looked quite promising.  Here are the aggregate stats for these visitors:
    • Pages/Visit = 5.77
    • Average Time on Site = 56 seconds
    • Bounce Rate = 38%

Day 11 – 8/14

  • I’m vacationing in Vancouver now, but here’s quick update on the case study…
  • I noticed some decent SERP movements:
    • Candice Swanepoel = 51
    • Candice Swanepoel photos = 23
    • Doutzen Kroes = 70
    • Doutzen Kroes photos = 12

Day 12 – 8/19

  • After a 5 hour delay, I finally returned home a couple days ago.   And, tomorrow, I’m moving to lower Manhattan in New York City. 🙂  Before I get packing, here’s another update…
  • Content changes:
    • Added pagination to the galleries.  This should improve the user experience, and hopefully also increase page views, lower bounce rates, and increase average page views per visitor.
    • Loaded in more photos.  I will be doing this every 1-2 weeks and will not post an update each time.
  • SERP movements:
    • Candice Swanepoel = 36
    • Candice Swanepoel photos = 15
    • Doutzen Kroes = 39
    • Doutzen Kroes photos = 11
    • I’m tracking SERPs for all other listed models and found some to have gained top 100 positions, despite not having done any SEO targeting those terms and URLs.

Day 25 – 9/1

  • Sorry guys, I’ve been kinda neglecting this case study.
  • I’m still seeing some upwards movements in the SERPs from the link push SEO Matrices I kicked off a while back.  However, it’s very minor.  So, yesterday, I decided to kick off more link pushes targeting “Candice Swanepoel.”  Unfortunately, I have so many link pushes queued up that they won’t be fired off till the 13th.  (I really like the Link Pushing service, as you can see, and am on the 50 pushes per month plan.)   Unless there’s something significant worth noting, I won’t be updating for a few weeks, after the new SEO back links take effect.
  • SERP movements:
    • Candice Swanepoel = 29
    • Candice Swanepoel photos = 12
    • Doutzen Kroes = 23
    • Doutzen Kroes photos = 9

Day 47 – 9/23

  • I’m not where I want to be yet.  However, still moving up the ranks slowly, but surely.  Here’s the latest.
  • SERP movements:
    • Candice Swanepoel = 19
    • Candice Swanepoel photos = 11
    • Doutzen Kroes = 21
    • Douzen Kroes photos = 10
  • Traffic for 9/17 – 9/23:
    • Only 60 visits, but 531 pageviews (i.e. 8.68 pages/visit).  People love ’em pics of supermodels! 😀
    • Bounce rate: 33%.  This is very good.
    • Average time on site: 2 min, 25 sec.
    • I’ve received traffic from 17 keywords w/ 10 related to either “Candice Swanepoel” or “Doutzen Kroes.”  This week, I’m hovering between page 3 (bottom) and page for “Candice Swanepoel,” but the term still brought in 19 unique visits.


I will update this case study with status updates in real time.

14 Responses to “Here’s a live case study with some eye candy. Case of the supermodels.”

  1. Kay August 4, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    Will be watching this space as it develops. Interesting concept. Will see if it brings in traffic and of course money.

  2. Kelvin August 4, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    Great article…keep up the good work!

  3. mene August 5, 2011 at 3:40 am #

    I had followed the Case of 300,000 and I created a similar job-search site and I am learing how to SEO it now. I will follow this case study too and I hope that will go well.

  4. Tom @ Englisch Test Online August 5, 2011 at 6:06 am #

    Hi Dave,
    great idea of creating masses of evergreen content.
    How long did it take you this time to get the site indexed and did you use anything else in addition to RGI?

    • dave August 5, 2011 at 8:30 am #

      Thanks, Tom. I just checked now (< 12 hours since I ran the tool) and 5 pages have already been indexed. I ran RGI plus this new very similar service I found:

      • mene August 6, 2011 at 3:55 am #

        I have create two job sites one .com and one .gr, the .gr got indexed for 350 pages at the first day and the .com is indexed only for 12 pages after a week! why is this happening? it can be because google indexes with different servers and the .gr server is less busy?

        • dave August 6, 2011 at 8:03 am #

          Hi Mene, just tried to email you a response, but got an email failure error. Anyway, here’s what I had in my email…
          Hmm, that depends. How much SEO have you done?

          I’m unaware of what the differences are in indexing among different countries/servers. However, I am sure there are differences and they utilize different algorithms (e.g. the Panda update has been rolled out to the US, but not most other countries).

  5. Wigger McGavin August 6, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    Gonna pay attention to this. You do some very good case studies.

  6. Brian August 13, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Has the concept of copyright infringement crossed your mind as you steal, err, “download” pictures from other websites?

    • dave August 14, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

      The photos are actually from fan sites w/o copyright protection. A lot are just cell phone pics.

      • Brian October 15, 2011 at 11:56 am #

        Dave, you’re not understanding the copyright issue and that could be a problem. Cell phone pics are copyrighted. ALL the celebrity pictures will be copyrighted, even if on a fan site.

        Unless you see a written statement, from the person who took the picture, that they are allowing others to use their picture, then it could be an infringement.

        That permission could be in the form of a public domain release, or creative commons licensing (usually with attribution required, which I do not see on your site).

        But if “fan site” #1 takes a picture, then you take it from the fan site, you have the same copyright infringement issue.

        I realize this is just an experiment. The benefit you are seeing may not be worth the potential downside.

        • dave November 26, 2011 at 11:29 am #

          Thanks for the advice, Brian. If anything becomes an issue, I will just remove the photos or site.

  7. Tom@Englisch Test Online November 17, 2011 at 2:55 am #

    Hi Dave,
    any updates on this site? or are you too busy with new projects?

    • dave November 26, 2011 at 11:31 am #

      Yea, I kinda put this on the back burner. I believe I’m on page #2 for my primary keywords. I may post an update once I move to the top of page 1.

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