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There’s still money to be made in niche business directories.

6 Sep

When I first launched this site, the only product I had was this ebook here: Pick Your Niche.  It’s about making autopilot money from niche business directories.

Some people were wondering if it was still possible to make money from niche business directories given the rise of Google Local listings.  I’ve always answered “yes.”

Just the other day, I was browsing BlackHatWorld and came across a number of new forum threads from people who reported making a lot of money from niche business directories.  Here, have a look:

I’ve also come across a number of recent offers on WarriorForum related to the topic of making money from niche business directories.

In short, I still strongly believe you can make a lot of money from niche business directories and there are tons of different ways and permutations of similar ways to achieve this goal.  Have a look at those 2 forum threads and be inspired!


Another 300K testimonial – $325 in 2 weeks

14 Jun

This morning, I just released the Hosted Solution version of 300K Job Search In-a-Box.  (Check out this link for the Early Bird discount of 25% off, which applies for the life of your account.) So, I’m now posting up customers testimonials.

Here’s one I just received from Bob Reilly, who bought 3 licenses of 300K Job Search In-a-Box at the end of May.  For those following my SEO case study, Bob is the customer who saw a $20+ day from Indeed on day 2 of his sites being up!

Well, anyway, here’s the testimonial…

“First I would like to say thank you. Following your system I have made to date over $325.00 in ad sales thru I am making REAL MONEY!

And my sites are indexing well and fast. After two weeks one site is at 6060 pages index and the other is 4600 pages index. I have had some positive results in both sites. I also flipped one site I own for $200.00 so the system works. My site URL’s are: and I would and have recommended your system to many!


Bob Rielly” […]

Here’s some inspiration from Steve Jobs.

15 Apr

Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration to get things going.  One of the most motivating speeches I’ve come across is by one of the most successful and well known entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, as  their class commencement speaker, delivered this speech to the students of Stanford, class of 2005.  Here is the full transcript. […]

Live Case Study: The case of 300,000 pages and counting.

11 Apr

This is my first live case study.  In this case study, I will build and grow an autoscale, autopilot, value-add site from scratch.  The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate techniques in real time.  With the exception of coding the initial site (these activities are tabulated under day 0), everything is done in real time, including domain registration.

The subject of this case study will be a a niche jobs search site, built off the Indeed API. is an established jobs search engine of US-based job opportunities.  They have a publishers program with an API that allows our site to pull the job results.  For job seekers that click through to Indeed, we will also get paid as a publisher.  A nice added bonus, eh?

Our niche job search site will focus on clerical jobs.  Within clerical jobs, we have 3 sections: 1 for accounting jobs, 1 for bookkeeping jobs, and 1 for auditing jobs.

Now, how does the autoscale work?

First, upon launch, the site will have 300,000 pages.  Note, this does not mean all 300K pages will be indexed by Google.  It only means a Googlebot will find 300K unique pages across our site.  Here’s how I came up with that estimate. […]

The business of digital books. Why should you be in it?

27 Mar

Before you continue, take a look at this blog post by Bob Cringely. It’s titled Parrot Secrets and tells a story of a guy making over $400,000 a year selling ebooks about parrot training.

Done?  Don’t cheat and skip ahead. 🙂

Now, let’s tie the brilliance of selling a digital book to our autoscale, autopilot, value-add model.  […]


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