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My venture into the world of MLM. Isagenix. | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

My venture into the world of MLM. Isagenix.

26 Nov

Okay, I haven’t tended to this blog in a while.  So, why not re-ignite things with a new live case study?

This will be a completely new venture for me.  I am going to give Multi-level Marketing (MLM) a  try.  This is my first time playing in the MLM space.  For those unfamiliar with the concept of MLM, give the wikipedia article a read:  Many large, successful companies use this business model — the best known examples include Avon and Tupperware.

The specific program I decided to join is called Isagenix.  Isagenix is an ecommerce site that sells health supplements.  Specifically, they sell health supplements promoting body cleansing, anti-aging, and weight loss.  Here is their official slogan: Isagenix: World Leader in Whole-Body Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing & Youthful Aging.

So, why Isagenix?

There are 4 primary reasons why I decided to join Isagenix.

  • Social proof for this product. I was referred to this program by a good friend of mine, Steve, who quit his job and promotes Isagenix full time.  He lives by the beach in Los Angeles, drives a Hummer, and works 20 hours a week.  Steve is living proof that you can be successful promoting Isagenix.  Moreover, he’s introduced me to a few of his friends who are making a lot more than he is.
  • Selling online. Though I may be new to MLM, I’m not new to selling products online.  I run a successful e-commerce site now and have a lot of experience with online marketing.  I plan to leverage those experiences to push Isagenix products through my online Isagenix storefront.  (Aside: each Isagenix “associate” receives his or her own Isagenix storefront.  Here’s mine: Isagenix.)
  • Product focus. Health is big focus these days.  People want to eat healthy, they want to eat organic, they want to stay in good shape.  Isagenix focuses on these hot areas.  In fact, if you browse their products, you’ll find a number of supplements focused on antioxidants, which is huge right now.  In other words, there is an existing, growing, and strong demand for Isagenix products.  You don’t need to create a need.  You just need to fulfill this need.
  • Compensation plan. Isagenix has an incredibly attractive compensation plan and referral program.  More on this below.

To make the big bucks in MLM, you need to recruit people under you.  As your referrals generate sales, you earn credit for their sales.  As your referrals recruit more people, and those 2nd-tier referrals make sales, you earn credit for their sales, as well.  Simple and intuitive enough.

For most MLM programs, the further removed you are from the referral (e.g. 2nd tier, 3rd tier, etc.), the more diminished the credit you receive for his or her sales. For instance, you may receive 100% credit for sales from your direct referrals, 50% credit for sales from 2nd tier referrals, 25% for 3rd tier, 10% for 4th, 0% for 5th tier and beyond.

For Isagenix, you receive 100% credit for all referrals. regardless of the depth.  For instance, even it’s the 10th-tier of referrals, you will still receive 100% credit for his or her sales.  To me, this is unheard of.  Have you heard any referral compensation programs this generous?

It gets even better.

You build your referral base in this 2-legged pyramid structure.  Take a look at the diagram taken from their compensation manual.

What this means is that only a maximum of 2 direct referrals go directly below you (in the diagram).  So, what does this mean?  Let’s say you make 3 direct referrals right off the bat.  That means your 3rd direct referral will go under one of your first direct referrals.  What does that really mean?  That means one of your direct referrals already has an associate under him or her without doing any work.

Now, what does that really really mean?  It means that your referral base grows not only from your referrals making referrals (and those referrals making referrals, etc.), BUT it also grows from your referrer (and your referrer’s referrer, etc.) making referrals.  Take a look at the picture above again.  The dark green circles are your direct referrals.  The light green circles are made by your referrers.  In fact, let’s look at a real life example — myself.  I enrolled with Isagenix under my friend almost 2 months ago.  Up until this blog post, I haven’t done anything remotely related to Isagenix.  Yet, I already have 2 associates under my tree.  One of them is already making sales.  How did I get these associates?  These are new referrals that my referrer (Steve) made.

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing.  Take the time to watch the video below, which much more clearly explains the compensation and referral program. Plan.mp4

If you would to enroll in Isagenix under me, just go here.  There is a $19/annual fee.  I recommend joining as soon as possible, so that you will start amassing my future referrals, Steve’s future referrals, and Steve’s referrer’s future referrals.

What’s my strategy?

In short, my strategy is to generate sales via SEO.  I will treat this as if I am promoting a CPA.  Since the health products and nutrition markets are so huge, there are countless Low and Medium competition keywords you can find on Google AdWords Keyword Tool that yield a ton of local exact match searches.  For this case study, I will not be sharing my exact keywords–but, I will share performance statistics.

But, first, I would need a site and landing page(s) right?  As alluded to earlier, that is all taken care of.  Each Isagenix Associate receives an out of the box website.  Here’s mine:  For your site, you specify the subdomain.  I chose something inconspicuous — “www4.”

I will be conducting SEO to rank for specific product pages (i.e. inner pages) on my Isagenix site.  I will delve into the specifics of SEO a bit later.

What about autopilot megasites?

True.  If you’ve read my other blog posts, my specialty is in building autopilot megasites that leverage long tail SEO (e.g. my 300K site).  Therefore, I have decided to create a sister site to my Isagenix site.  The purpose of this second site is to rank for thousands of long tail keywords and funnel visitors to my Isagenix site.

This second site will be focused on nutrition facts and antioxidants.  I will base it off the free food and nutrition facts database that I wrote about in a previous article.  This site has not yet been created as of the start of this case study (11/26).  Once the site is created, I will post an update to this article with the exact domain name.  I will also be sharing Google Analytics stats.

The Tactical SEO Plan

Here are the details to my SEO strategy.  As I progress in the execution of these steps, I will post updates to this case study article.

  1. Run my Isagenix Associate site through Rapid Google Indexer.  To be honest I am not positive whether Rapid Google Indexer works for subdomains, but it’s worth a shot.
  2. Write unique, quality articles about Isagenix.  This will actually be a fairly painless activity…
    1. What I plan to do is just go through the tons of Isagenix company product materials (e.g. their product catalog) and copy and paste the text into an article.
    2. Then, run this content through The Best Spinner to incorporate spintax.
    3. Finally, I will use my custom PHP script to “shuffle” the content.  Shuffling includes randomizing the order of paragraphs and randomizing the order sentences within paragraphs.
  3. Create my automated SEO Matrix using these articles.  In other words, load these articles into Linkpushing.  Then, load the generated backlinks from Linkpushing into BacklinksIndexer.
  4. Concurrently, feed these articles into some private blog networks.


12/1/2011 (early AM) Update

  • I have begun doing SEO for my Isagenix associate site.
  • I also just put up the initial version of my support site,  I only spent $1.18 on this at GoDaddy using the $1 promo code GETFIT!  Just bought the domain earlier today.
    • If you’re checking out the site around the time of this update, it’s very, very unfinished.  However, I wanted to get an early version up, so that Google can start indexing it.  I run the domain through Rapid Google Indexer to get that process started.
    • I still need to refine the exact content and focus of the site.  As of now, it will essentially be a database of antioxidant info for 6,000+ different foods.  Here’s an example page:
    • I will also be publishing various articles to the site over the next several days.  Each article will be optimized for a specific keyword.


  • The support site is pretty much finished.  I only gotten around to publishing 2 articles and plan to publish a few more.  You can check it out here: Antioxidants.
  • There are already 1,580 pages indexed for the site.
  • I have begun doing some SEO for the site, following my automated SEO Matrix strategy.


Alright, time to get down to work… updates to come…

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  1. Wigger McGavin November 26, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    Sounds good. I can’t wait to see how this works out.

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