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My Second Attempt at MLM. Organo Gold.

2 Jul


Organo Gold sells organic coffee based on a natural supplement called Ganoderma. Ganoderma has medicinal properties and has been extensively used in Asian and holistic medicines.

Organo Gold sells through Multi-level Marketing (MLM). For those unfamiliar with the concept of MLM, give the Wikipedia article a read: Many large, successful companies use this business model–the best known examples include Avon and Tupperware.

This is my second attempt at MLM. The first attempt (Isagenix) kind of fell by the wayside. How come? Well, I’ve just been consumed with other business ideas, mainly a “web startup” I launched about year ago.

I was recruited to join Organo by my friend, Chris. Chris is a tennis coach living in Texas. We met through a mutual friend here in New York City. He only joined Organo Gold just over a month ago, but has already earned several thousand.

With Organo, I will again take an unconventional approach to MLM. My idea is to build an ecommerce site around Organo Gold products (and quite possibly add on similar products into our product catalog) and promote it like a normal online business. Over the past several years, I have built several successful ecommerce sites, so will leverage those experiences in this MLM venture.

Also, Chris will be my partner on this. While I focus on Internet marketing and web development, he will focus on the traditional direct-selling side of MLM. He is great at that. He will also be directing customers directly to our site.

Btw, if this is something you think you’d be interested in, shoot me an email (dave@[this domain]). I will put you directly in touch with Chris.

If you’re unsure or just want more info, I still recommend you speak with Chris. Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world–second only to water.
  2. Organo (like Isagenix) has a very optimal, 2-leg referral plan. The essence of it is this — if you join under my tree, then HALF of all my future referrals will automatically become your referrals.

If you want to see the ecommerce site come together, check it out here:  We picked and registered the domain yesterday.  Over the next couple days, the site itself should take shape and we’ll be in business!  I will be posting periodic updates to this blog.

Total investment so far? About $2.12.  I used the promo code FORK on GoDaddy to register for $1.99.

My venture into the world of MLM. Isagenix.

26 Nov

Okay, I haven’t tended to this blog in a while.  So, why not re-ignite things with a new live case study?

This will be a completely new venture for me.  I am going to give Multi-level Marketing (MLM) a  try.  This is my first time playing in the MLM space.  For those unfamiliar with the concept of MLM, give the wikipedia article a read:  Many large, successful companies use this business model — the best known examples include Avon and Tupperware.

The specific program I decided to join is called Isagenix.  Isagenix is an ecommerce site that sells health supplements.  Specifically, they sell health supplements promoting body cleansing, anti-aging, and weight loss.  Here is their official slogan: Isagenix: World Leader in Whole-Body Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing & Youthful Aging.

So, why Isagenix?

There are 4 primary reasons why I decided to join Isagenix. […]


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