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Here’s a great data source for food and nutrition facts.

24 Aug

I stumbled across this earlier this food nutrient data set earlier this week:  What the author, Ashley, did was take food nutrient data from the US Department of Agriculture and make some sense of it.

It’s available as a free download on his site.  The data set comes as a single JSON file, so may be a bit hard to parse.

In this data set, there are…

  • 6,636 unique foods
  • 375,176 nutrient figures
  • 94 unique nutrients across all foods

What you can do with this data is create a food nutrients site of 6-7 thousand pages (easily).  It would act as a great, value-added companion to a health site (e.g. food blog, fitness blog, recipes site).  [...]

What is Google Panda?

7 Aug

Last week, I listened to a very interesting and educational webinar about Google Panda.  It was hosted by Guerilla of DripFeedBlasts.

Anyway, for those who want to learn more about the ambiguous topic of Google Panda and its impact on SEO, I highly recommend you check out this video.  Enjoy.


Here’s a live case study with some eye candy. Case of the supermodels.

4 Aug

About a week ago, I stumbled across what may very well be the holy grail of search keywords.  These are keywords that, according to Google AdWords Keyword Tool, have the lowest possible competition (i.e. competition score of 0) and receive tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of local monthly searches.

I am referring to this as the holy grail, because we’re not  talking about a small handful of search keywords.  I’m not talking 5, nor 10, nor even 50 search terms.  I’m referring to hundreds upon hundreds of these keywords that you can dig up in the matter of 30 minutes.

Now, don’t worry.  This is not an eBook sales page and I’m not selling you anything.  You won’t need to spend $17 to discover what this big “secret” is all about.

So what is this holy grail? [...]

This is a great backlink indexing service comparison case study.

29 Jul

I stumbled across this backlink indexing service case study quite randomly.  He compares 7 services from both an indexing results and economical perspective.  These are the service providers:


Put the SEO Matrix on autopilot.

25 Jul

Back in March, I wrote an article on my 4-tiered backlinking structure called the SEO Matrix.  The article illustrated how I constructed the “SEO Matrix” backlinking structure.

Many people asked me if I used any SEO tools.  And, back then, my response was somewhat ambiguous and complicated.  Part of the process was automated, part of it was manual, some was done by myself, and lot was outsourced.

Over the past couple months, I have been experimenting with various SEO services to try and automate the SEO Matrix.  I found one in particular that has taken care of 90% of the work for me.  It’s an automated service called Link Pushing.  (Note, this is an affiliate link, but is a sincere endorsement.)

The Link Pushing service pretty much creates the first 3 tiers of the SEO Matrix for you.  Check out their link structure diagram.

Similar, no?  For comparison, this is my SEO Matrix diagram: [...]

This is an interesting concept. An affiliate site optimized for Google Local.

22 Jul

About an hour ago, my friend told me something interesting.  She said there were shopping outlets in Manhattan.

I thought this was counter-intuitive, because shopping outlets are typically massive structures and never located inside a crowded city (where they can cannibalize their non-outlet storefronts).  So, I asked my friend for more info and came across this interesting concept for an autopilot retailer affiliate site.

Let’s walk through this together.

First, do a search for “new york city outlets” —

Notice that in the Google Local results, the second one actually (see below), there’s a listing called Soho Mill Outlet. (It even has a physical address.)

Click that.  It will bring you to a site that’s clearly an affiliate site.  See these screenshots. [...]

New case study. Let’s test out Backlinks Genie.

18 Jul

Backlinks Genie is a SEO tool that I came across a few days ago.  It looks incredibly promising for automating the creation of multi-tiered backlink structures.  So, I thought, let’s test this baby out–and make it a live case study while I’m at it.

A couple disclaimers.  One, all the links to BackLinks Genie use my affiliate link.  (Why not?)  So, if you do sign up, I appreciate signing up through me. :)   Two, this is my first time testing this out, so it will be very much trial and error.  However, since I do have a lot of experience with SEO and building multi-tiered structures (see SEO Matrix), I have a good handle on how one should leverage this tool.  Third, this will be a short case study.  I’m thinking, 1-2 months.  Hopefully, I can use what I learn from this case study in my next case study, which will be creating a site from scratch (like my first case study).

What is Backlinks Genie?

Backlinks Genie is a SEO tool that allows you to create backlinks on a daily basis.  Each day, you can create a batch of links from a menu of 6 options:

  • 1,000 Blog Comments
  • 2,000 Xrumer profiles (these are forum profile links)
  • 1,000 Social Bookmarks
  • 100 PR4+ Profile Linkwheel
  • 10 Web 2.0 Properties
  • 100 Article Directory Submissions


Here’s my 10K Guarantee.

18 Jul

While most 300K Job Search In-a-Box sites have experienced spectacular indexing results, there have been isolated exceptions.  I want to eliminate these exceptions!

Therefore, I am introducing a new promotion: My 10K Guarantee.  This new promotion is for new Hosted Solution customers only and it goes like this:

  • By the end of month 2, I will guarantee 10K pages indexed for your site.
  • If your site doesn’t reach 10K pages, I will refund your first 2 months.

Here’s the fine print (in normal size font):

  • This is only for the Hosted Solution (as I need to ensure the script is properly installed).
  • You must send me an email once your domain is registered and pointed to my server (2 month count begins from this email).
  • To ensure best indexing results, you must complete all available text blocks within the first week and email me when this is complete.
  • Get in on this promotional offering here: 10K Guarantee promotion.


Here’s an exclusive Infura coupon code.

15 Jul

I get a lot of emails asking for a recommendation on a web host.  So, here’s a dedicated post on my recommendation — Infura Web Host.

Here are 3 reasons why I recommend Infura:

  • Reliability. These guys have been around since 2001, which is a long time.  You know this isn’t a pet project that may close up shop 6 months from now.
  • Affordability. Their default package is $3.95/month for unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.  Use the Infura coupon code “DavidTang” (yes, this is exclusive to my blog readers!), make that $2.95/month.  Let’s sweeten the deal even more!  Get the annual subscription for $35/year and get a free domain name for life.  Remember, Infura coupon code is “DavidTang” or just use this link.
  • Service. They provide 24/7 customer service.  Beyond that, they also offer paid script installation services, which is great for the beginner.  In fact, they even offer a script installation service for the 300K Job Page Search In-a-Box.

Here’s a lovely testimonial I pulled from their site… [...]

Need some money? Make direct ad sales.

12 Jul

By the end of my undergrad college years, most of my income was coming from my websites.  This was 6-7 years ago (damn, time flies!).

Back then, I always struggled with monetization.  I was playing the ad revenue game, which is a tough game–particularly, if you rely mostly on Google AdSense.  That’s when I began to shift my focus and research from AdSense to direct ad sales.

Around that time, the big thing to sell was sitewide footer links on a highly indexed site with good PageRank. I sold hundreds of dollars worth of those footer links.  I sold them as monthly subscriptions, so month over month, my income would increase, as I continued to pack in those footer links.

These days, due to changes in Google’s algorithm, sitewides aren’t nearly as hot of a commodity.  Nonetheless, the ways to find and make a direct ad sale from the years yonder still apply today.  I know this, because, just last month, for (the subject of my 300K Case Study), I made $100+ worth of direct ad sales.

Here’s how you make direct ad sales. [...]


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