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APIs, APIs, and more APIs.

8 Jun

I get a lot of emails these days.  One recurring area of interest is the subject of APIs.

I first introduced the concept in my blog article around autoscaling with APIs, where I listed the big names out there.  Then, after rummaging around online, I wrote about Freebase and DBpedia; and, both my live SEO case study and 300K in a Box solution speak to the power of Indeed’s API.

But, do you want more APIs?

One reader was kind enough to introduce me to this awesome site called ProgrammableWeb.  It’s a directory of APIs and they seem to have a ton to browse and explore.  But, to autoscale, you probably want to check out the APIs they’ve put in the “Reference APIs” category.  Here, you’ll find APIs ranging from biomolecular data to academic libraries to patent info to food nutritional facts to a list of breweries and beers.  Check it out — just perusing the list will get your gears turning!

Also, there is a new and upcoming site called Mashape that is another comprehensive directory of APIs.  Check out their video below, though the video is geared to the developer (i.e. the API supplier), not you (i.e. the API consumer).

Since the site’s so new, it’s invite only.  To join, you can use the invite code “mashable” .

Have fun.


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