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21K in 21 Days (my latest free eBook). | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

21K in 21 Days (my latest free eBook).

8 May

Last week, I took the results from the first 21 days of my live SEO case study, analyzed it, and compiled everything (data + analysis) into a book, 21K in 21 Days.  This is another free guide, which you can download here.

Here is some of what you will find in the book:

  • Day-by-day update log — so you can see indexing growth rates and plateaus
  • Detailed analytics — screenshots taken from Google Analytics
  • Key insights
  • Site architecture/design

  • SEO strategy

I think many people may find the “Key insights” section the most interesting part of the book, because I highlight insights that counter conventional “wisdom” about Internet Marketing.  So, I’ve reproduced most of that section below here (for those too lazy to download the book).

Quality content comes in many forms. These days, people are hung up on written content, particularly in the form of blogs and articles.  They are glued to WordPress.  Don’t limit your thinking and compete in such a labor intensive field.  In this case study, our content took the form of job search results.  This content was not only freely available, but I was able to generate 300K pages worth of it upon launch.  Furthermore, it was quality content that people were interested in.  Taking a look at the Google Analytics screenshots, the average visitor view 2-3 pages per visit with an average bounce rate of <50%.

Understand the power of long tail SEO. People focus all their SEO efforts on a small handful of keywords.  They spend countless hours and dollars trying to rank for these highly competitive keywords, ignoring all the long tail keywords.  Why ignore long tail keywords, which compromise 80-90% of all searches?  Long tail searches are also the easiest to rank for.  For a brand new site, LocalClericalJobs received 172 visits from Google searches performed on 162 long tail keywords.  We were able to achieve this by designing the site to focus on long tail keywords.

Build a backlink arsenal. Just like you want to build a subscriber list, it is equally as important to build a backlink arsenal.  The reason you want to build a subscriber list is to drive traffic to web properties via email.  Similarly, the reason you want to build a backlink arsenal is to drive traffic to web properties via SEO.  After a mere 3 weeks and an investment of $7.50, I now have an arsenal of 300,000 pages—of which, 23,000 pages are indexed!  Imagine the link juice I have now, which I didn’t have 3 weeks prior.  A lot of people spend money buying backlinks.  How much do you think it would cost to buy 300,000 permanent backlinks?  What about 21,000 permanent backlinks from indexed pages?  A couple hundred, maybe a couple thousand?  Either way, more than $7.50.

Site indexing is not difficult. I hope this case study has dispelled a lot of myths.  You site doesn’t need to be established, you don’t need to buy an aged domain, and you don’t need to spend countless hours writing content to get your site well indexed by Google.  My domain is new and has 23,000 pages indexed at the start of its third week.  The key is just to have a solid SEO Strategy that spans all 6 levers of successful SEO.

Again, the entire 30 page guide can be downloaded for free here.  Enjoy!


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