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Here’s a tip. Create a 40,000 page site instantly with a zip code dataset. | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

Here’s a tip. Create a 40,000 page site instantly with a zip code dataset.

9 Jul

Not too long ago, I introduced the idea of creating a megasite using publicly available datasets.  In this article, we’ll discuss how we can use US zip codes to create a 40,000 page megasite instantly.

(You can pick up your copy of the zip codes data set here:

So, how does it work? 

There are approximately 40,000 zip codes across the US.  Therefore, using a data set of US zip codes (e.g. a MySQL table loaded with US zip code information), we can create 40,000 unique pages, where each page is localized to a specific zip code.

A perfect example of this in action would be 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box, the niche job search turnkey script I released.  In this example, for each job category, we create a job results page per zip code.  Take a look at  For the job category “auditing,” notice how we have a page per zip code…

  • etc.

This is a concept that applies to a very wide array of sites–not just for turnkey sites that I’m selling! LOL. Here is a brain dump of other megasites you can  create by leveraging the US zip codes data set:

  • Niche Business Directories – Create US-wide directory for any business or service (e.g. dentists, bowling alleys, flower shops, web design firms, hair salons).
  • Niche Dating Sites – Dating sites is one of the latest crazes.  You can easily find high paying CPAs and other offers.  By creating a niche US-wide dating site, you can quickly monetize by harnessing long tail Google traffic (e.g. single pet lovers in Austin).
  • Niche Social Networks – Not a fan of Internet dating sites?  Expand to a different niche social network (e.g. local basketball players, local musicians, looking Travel Channel enthusiasts, local foodies, whatever!).
  • Concerts & Events Search – Find an API that provides concert or event information to a create a US-wide local events search.
  • Local News
  • Hotels, Housing, & Accommodations Search
  • And so forth!

Got any other ideas to add to the list? Or questions?

Let’s hear them.


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