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New case study. Let’s test out Backlinks Genie. | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

New case study. Let’s test out Backlinks Genie.

18 Jul

Backlinks Genie is a SEO tool that I came across a few days ago.  It looks incredibly promising for automating the creation of multi-tiered backlink structures.  So, I thought, let’s test this baby out–and make it a live case study while I’m at it.

A couple disclaimers.  One, all the links to BackLinks Genie use my affiliate link.  (Why not?)  So, if you do sign up, I appreciate signing up through me. 🙂  Two, this is my first time testing this out, so it will be very much trial and error.  However, since I do have a lot of experience with SEO and building multi-tiered structures (see SEO Matrix), I have a good handle on how one should leverage this tool.  Third, this will be a short case study.  I’m thinking, 1-2 months.  Hopefully, I can use what I learn from this case study in my next case study, which will be creating a site from scratch (like my first case study).

What is Backlinks Genie?

Backlinks Genie is a SEO tool that allows you to create backlinks on a daily basis.  Each day, you can create a batch of links from a menu of 6 options:

  • 1,000 Blog Comments
  • 2,000 Xrumer profiles (these are forum profile links)
  • 1,000 Social Bookmarks
  • 100 PR4+ Profile Linkwheel
  • 10 Web 2.0 Properties
  • 100 Article Directory Submissions

The magic of BackLinks Genie is that it allows you to easily create multi-tiered structures.  Whenever you create a project, you have the option of setting the URL(s) to be the prior day’s output (or output from a specific date of your choice).  In other words, for Day 1, I can choose to create 100 Social Bookmarks (set to link directly to my site).  For Day 2, I can choose 1,000 blog comments and set the URLs to be from Day 1.  This will create a 2-tiered backlinking structure, where tier 1 includes my 100 Social Bookmarks and tier 2 includes the 1,000 blog comments.

Focus of the SEO Backlinks Genie Case Study

In this case study, I will focus on two keywords that I’m trying to rank for an ecommerce site of mine.  Let’s give them the dry monikers of KW1 and KW2.  Each keyword is 2 words long. Both keywords were previously ranked with a top 100 SERP, but, due to neglect and lack of SEO over the past several months, have fallen out of the top 100.  I currently don’t know their SERPs, because I don’t track beyond 100.  Here are their stats:

  • KW1
    • 6,690,000 search results
    • 40,500 local monthly searches (as per Google AdWords Keyword Tool)
    • “Low” competition (also per Google Keyword Tool)
    • The peak SERP was for 82
  • KW2
    • 64,500,000 search results
    • 135,000 local monthly searches
    • “Low” competition
    • The peak SERP was 12

For each keyword, I will test a different 2-tier structure that I will build with the Backlinks Genie service.

For KW1, tier 1 will be 100 Social Bookmarks and tier 2 will be a PR4+ Linkwheel.  Not sure what a linkwheel is?  Just check out this diagram.

For KW2, tier 1 will be 10 Web 2.0 properties.  Tier 2 will be 100 Social Bookmarks.

I will alternate creating these 2 types of 2-tier structures for 4 weeks.  In other words, Day 1 and Day 2 will be devoted to creating the first 2-tier structure for KW1.  Day 3 and Day 4 will create the first 2-tier structure for KW2.  Day 5 and Day 6 will create the second 2-tier structure for KW1. And so on and so forth.  By the end of the 4 weeks, I will have created 7 2-tier structures for each keyword.

By the way, this article won’t have daily updates.  I will only update when there is something notable to mention.

Day 2

  • I subscribed to Linklicious.  This is a pinging service that can be integrated with BLG.  It will ensure that all links created by BLG will be crawled (not necessarily indexed) by Google.

Day 8

  • By the end of today, I will have finished 2 cycles–meaning, for each keyword, I will have 2 2-tier structures.  So far, there has been no change to my SERPs.   I am checking up to the first 200 results and both keywords are unranked.
  • I’ll make some adjustments to the linking:
    • After another cycle, I will layer a 3rd tier of forum profile links.   I will be creating 1000 forum profile links on a daily basis, distributed across all tier 2 links.  Currently, I use a provider for these links, but thinking of migrating to a tool instead, since its much more economical that way.
    • I will strengthen the quality of my web 2.0 links.  Currently, my word account is 150-175.  I’ll bump that up to 500, which is leading practice.

Day 15

  • KW1:
    • KW1 experienced a fairly sizable jump this morning, moving from 200+ to 59.
    • Two related keywords that I have also been tracking have been moving up over the past couple weeks.   The first of these keywords now has a SERP of 8.   The second has a SERP of 5.  Both of these keywords a 3 words long and contain KW1 in it.  Here are their respective stats:
      • KW1-A:  184,000 search results, 100 monthly local searches, low competition
      • KW1-A: 321,000 search results, 73 monthly local searches, low competition
  • KW2:
    • KW2 is not still ranked.
    • However, again, two related keywords have been crawling up the rankings over the past couple weeks.  The first keyword is at 29, and the second is at 10.  Here are the stats for these related keywords:
      • KW2-A: 112,000,000 search results, 5,4000 monthly local searches, low competition
      • KW2-B: 43,000,000 search results, 40,500 monthly local searches, low competition
      • An important observation is that for the second related term, it is being ranked for a different URL (than the URL for KW2).  This lends me to believe that if a domain is receiving inbound links anchored to a specific keyword, it will improve the SERPs of the URL that is currently tied to that keyword.  In other words, if Google feels your page “” is related to the topic “gadget,” it improve the SERP for “” when any of’s pages receive link juice from “gadget”-related pages–even if all the new backlinks are linking to a different page, e.g. “”   This is my hypothesis.
  • At this point, we are about halfway through the first stage of this case study.  I am tempted to shift KW2 to KW2-B.  On the other hand, I’d like to continue the status quo until the next Google Panda update to see if results for KW2 show up at that point.  The next Google Panda update should be coming in 2-3 weeks.  I’ll keep you updated if I do make that change.

Day 20

  • Disclaimer: this won’t be much of an update on results.
  • No real changes in SERPs since the last update across all primary and secondary keywords.  By now, I have created 5 2-tiered backlink structures for each primary keyword.  Over the next several days, I will be deferring the Backlinks Genie resources to other SEO, higher priority activities I have going on, namely my 300K Job Search Hosted Solution customers who have the 10K Guarantee.
  • I did notice something pretty cool w/ Backlinks Genie, though.  They have numerous pre-defined multi-tiered projects coming out soon.  What I love about BLG is that it’s such a time saver.  With the multi-tiered projects, you can just queue it up and it will create tiers of backs links from a variety of different web properties.  Check out this one below, called the “Alibaba.”  As you can see from the diagram, this is a 4-tiered structure involving 7 different web site categories (Web 2.0 sites, blog posts, article directory submissions, high PR profile link wheel , social bookmarks, blog comments, and forum/xrumer profiles), randomly interlinked, and dripped over 5 days.  Imagine how time consuming it would be to build this manually or even to use separate service providers.

Day 22

  • By now, I’ve created 6 2-tier structures for each KW.  Both of the projects are put on hold, because I decided to use BLG for other more urgent SEO initiatives of mine.
  • With that said, I do have a results update for you guys:
    • KW1:
      • Now ranked at 59, the highest it’s ever been ranked.
      • KW1-A: ranked 12, fluctuating around this SERP.
      • KW1-B: ranked 7, fluctuating around this SERP.
    • KW2:
      • Primary keyword still unranked.
      • KW2-A: unranked again.
      • KW2-B: ranked 9

Day 33

  • This is my last update to this case study.  I have not created any additional link structures since my Day 22 update.  Therefore, the SEO movements you see now are due to creating 6 2-tier structures over a 3-week period.  We are now in our 5th week and see that both keywords (plus some secondary terms) have been ranked.  I expect the backlinks built from BLG will drive some more upward movements over the coming weeks.  However, I will supplement my SEO efforts with automated SEO Matrices to continue the link building momentum.
  • SERP movements…
    • KW1:
      • Ranked at 60.
      • KW1-A: ranked at 17.
      • KW1-B: ranked at 5.
    • KW2:
      • Ranked at 51.
      • KW2-A: ranked at 12.
      • KW2-B: ranked at 10.


The end.

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  1. Joe July 19, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    I see your links to Backlinks Genie don’t seem to be working

    • dave July 19, 2011 at 11:41 am #

      Which one exactly? They all appear to be working for me.

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