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This is an interesting concept. An affiliate site optimized for Google Local. | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

This is an interesting concept. An affiliate site optimized for Google Local.

22 Jul

About an hour ago, my friend told me something interesting.  She said there were shopping outlets in Manhattan.

I thought this was counter-intuitive, because shopping outlets are typically massive structures and never located inside a crowded city (where they can cannibalize their non-outlet storefronts).  So, I asked my friend for more info and came across this interesting concept for an autopilot retailer affiliate site.

Let’s walk through this together.

First, do a search for “new york city outlets” —

Notice that in the Google Local results, the second one actually (see below), there’s a listing called Soho Mill Outlet. (It even has a physical address.)

Click that.  It will bring you to a site that’s clearly an affiliate site.  See these screenshots.


Representative inner page

I did some more digging around, because I was curious where all these affiliates programs were from, because the stores were all namebrands.  Did the creator of this site need to sign up with hundreds of merchants individually?  That’s doubtful.

Turns, out all these various affiliate accounts with these top name merchants are offered through 5 key affiliate programs:

  • Google Affiliate Network
  • Commission Junction
  • LinkShare
  • ShareaSale
  • Pepperjam Network

Check out this comprehensive list of merchants and their affiliate networks.

Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting concept of an autopilot site that has potential to be very lucrative.  You just need to get listed under Google Local for a few major metropolitan areas.  It should also be fairly easy to replicate.  If I find the time, I may give it a go myself to replicate this concept.

Feel free to add your thoughts and dig deeper into this site concept by replying with your comments.  Thanks.


One Response to “This is an interesting concept. An affiliate site optimized for Google Local.”

  1. Chuck August 4, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    Could be some great possibilities for this concept.Put an outlet in every city of 200,000 and above–or maybe 100,000.

    I will do some more investigation myself.

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