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  This is a step by step guide to creating a niche business directory and transforming it into an evergrowing money maker!

See the entire process, from picking your niche, to implementing marketing tactics, to finding paying customers, to making the sale, to tripling that sale. I show you exactly what I did to launch a niche business directory in just 1 day.

First thing's first, what is a "niche business directory?" A niche business directory is an online business directory focused on a specific industry vertical (e.g. pet stores, sushi bars, gyms, pizzerias, dentists, architecture firms, print shops, and so forth!). In other words, it is a laser-focused version of Yelp of

In this guide, you will learn exactly what I did to create a profitable niche business directory website that 1) requires minimal startup and ongoing effort and 2) provides perpetual and growing income.

To elaborate on point 1), it took me less than 1 work day to launch the niche business directory. After the initial launch, I was spending barely 5 hours a week on average. I had a day job and was working on several other ventures, so couldn't afford the time. If you want to devote more time, you could be making a lot more, a lot quicker.

On point 2), each month, your income will exceed the previous month's. This is passive income that will increase Month-over-Month. By my third month, my sales had already grown to $1000/month and it will only continue to grow.

Here is just some of what you will get in this guide:

  • My formula for picking a profitable niche – Picking a profitable niche topic is easier said than done. I show you exactly where I begin my brainstorming process and the tools and sanity tests I use to drill down on a profitable, worthwhile niche. These techniques and tools I share can be applied to a variety of other online ventures.
  • My methodology for collecting content in minutes – see how I launched the site is just 1 day. If you've come across my 300K Page Site Case Study, then you know I like to shortcut and automate the content development process.
  • My marketing strategies – which will triple sales down the line!
  • Specific, actionable SEO tactics – Many customers have remarked that the section on SEO alone is worth the price of the guide. I cover both on-site and off-site SEO tactics that I have learned through rigorous trial and error testing.
  • Spreadsheet of 100+ Social Bookmarking Sites (with DOFOLLOW links) – This is a great list that I personally compiled (includes PR8 sites!), which you can use for any other site.
  • My sales strategies – Learn how I quickly find paying customers, how I make the sale, and how I upsell.
  • Example of an actual sales letter I use – You can use my exact sales pitch as a starting point or just as a template.
  • Several examples of niche business directories – I have included links to several example niche business directories, in addition to a screenshot one of my own niche business directories. Replicate my look and feel exactly if you wish!
Here is a screenshot of payments to my PayPal during 1 week last month. Payments related to this business directory are circled in red.

To purchase the guide, just click the green 'Buy Now' button below. Don't stall, because the price will go up as sales (and likewise demand) picks up!

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Additional Book Details:

  • Format: PDF (3MB)
  • Pages: 35 pages

Jon Hascoe
Since having read this report, and having implement a few things that even I had been over-looking, I have actually increased my monthly intake by over $1100. Not too bad for missing something right in front of my face. The script that is available for a small fee, would be recommended if you plan on doing this a lot. I already have my own personal script, but they work wonders.

Here's to all that can get this, there is and should always be, in our lifetimes, money to be made, as long as there is the internet, humans, and businesses looking for both.



As long as you follow these directions ... Your off-line clients will receive an excellent benefit by increasing their customer base ... plus their bottom-line profits and stay with you for a long time.

In my opinion, if you're looking for something in the Internet marketing world, that has a very bright future ... You found the right place.

Once you have completed your first site ... This strategy is very scalable and could even be outsourced.

Brian Morgan
Dave has written a comprehensive report on how to create a genuine business model, and it's one that anyone can set up and implement.

Only today I was looking at similar opportunities that have been set up, and Dave's report is right up there with how it's done.

For those who are into offline marketing, this is as good as it gets. You can offer businesses a great opportunity for their business and it with the SEO component in this report you cannot fail.

There is no reason why you can't outsource the meat and bones of this and simply sit back and make money - every day of the week.

Here is my review this is a great report containing no fluff. It is not necessarily a new idea or method however Dave goes into great detail on how to make this technique work. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who really gives this an honest effort will make money with this method.

Jim R.
Good product - 22 pages of straight to the point do this, do that directions on how to maximize your income using niche directory sites. Some of the information is not new to those of us familiar with this model, BUT, Dave has a few twists and tweaks with his system, that could maximize your income with minimal effort. He also includes some good background info on backlinking strategies (this section alone is worth the price of this WSO).

My review He outlines with his experience on 22 page Pdf where he goes in details the money being made with niche business directory how it should be done, he reveals about multiple sales per buyer, recurring revenues.

He continues with the set up as he covers area of directory development,marketing strategy, sales strategy and there are sub-subjects he talks which gives the interested person the clear picture what should be done in proper manner.

You can use this method to make money provided putting the effort by yourself or out sourcing so one could give the try on this method for a long time income.

Dave offers a great strategy to make easy money in a no fluff, well written 22 pages pdf report.

I recommend this report because I think the method described by Dave has potential to make a lot of money with no hard work. It only requires to take action.

And... the strategy is scalable (Once you did it with one site you can expand your business doing n sites and make more and more money.)

While the concept itself is not new, there are some good ideas here on getting the content for your directory very easily, from a resource that may be new to many reading this. You can do this manually, but Dave also has a script available to make this process much less painful for a small additional cost (trust me, if you plan on doing these directories in any major way - this will be a needed item, and the cost is really minimal - I have seen such scripts for a LOT more!)

Yes, there will be some work involved, but the potential is there for good revenue in a relatively short time, and once you get the process set-up - you should be able to churn these out in 'assembly line' fashion in a short period of time. There is also a substantial opportunity to outsource a number of facets of the process, creating even more income opportunities if you are really serious about it.

Jon Hascue
Something that can and will appeal to some skilled marketers that may have missed this, and every newbie looking for something to get them going. Well, well, well.....HERE IT IS!

Everything laid out right in front of you to make this plan work. Which it does I must say.

I have no doubts that this CAN and WILL make you a good income, AS LONG as you put the effort in. Nothing is just handed to you......

......other than this report to put it all into a methodical course of action to cash.

Nothing bad to report, although I did try to find something .

So highly recommended, just prefer not to recommend it to to[sic] many people.

John Sullivan
This is a very interesting concept based on the domain flipping strategy which many know. This has the potential to be more profitable I believe if you follow the methods recommended by David.

Basically you are setting up niche directories which can offer listing for local businesses in certain niches. David outlines methods for choosing niches, SEO techniques for getting traffic and ranking in the search engines.

This could be a profitable method of setting up these directories and all the steps have been given to make them profitable. Another method to add to an ongoing income which can be set up quickly.

George Phillip It is a great guide about registering an online directory and earning an income from a niche directory. I would honestly say there are quite a few niche's that one could apply this technique to. It is concise and contains a good mix of practical application and less theory. It demonstrates a current working and tested approach towards making an income from niche directories.

(reviews from Warrior Forum)

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