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  Get your very own niche business directory!

The Niche Business Directory In-a-Box offers the easiest way for you to launch your own, profitable business directory online venture. Our turnkey solution includes an "autoscaling" capability that takes out all the grunt work. Read more and you'll see for yourself!

Sit back. Relax. Let us do the grunt work of adding businesses to your directory.
One of the most reliable ways to make money online is by launching a niche business directory. As long you are willing to put in the effort, you can make money with a niche business directory. In fact, it is one of the most popular areas in the "offline marketing" arena. If this is news to you, check here for more info.

Niche Business Directory In-a-Box is a completely turnkey solution for creating a niche business directory. It is the most beginner friendly solution available. We can confidently make this assertion for 2 reasons. First, no technical knowledge is required. Forget script installation, MySQL database set ups, hosting issues, etc.! That's all taken care of. We will install the solution, we will maintain the scripts, and we will host it. Secondly, Niche Business Directory In-a-Box takes care of the hassle of finding and adding businesses to your directory. You just decide on the niche focus. Then, every month, depending on your plan, we will add 250+, 500+, or 2,000+ relevent businesses to your directory. Ad infinitum until I've found all that we can find. You will be able to manage everything online through a user-friendly control panel. Just take a look at the screenshots below.





Autoscaling Business Listings
This represents the minimum number of business listings that we will add to your directory. You can prioritize listings by geography. See the key features section below for more info on this.
250+ per month 500+ per month 2,000+ per month
Custom Pages
You can create and manage your own custom pages. Add a page an "About Us" page, "Advertising" page, or even publish relevant articles. Pages can be internal or external.
Up to 3 Up to 5 Unlimited

$9.95/month $14.95/month $29.95/month


Control and Customizability. From your niche, to the text that appear on your site, to the look and feel, you have complete control over what goes on your site. [Read more]

Autoscaling Content. This just might be most powerful feature. New businesses will be "dripped" to your directory on an ongoing basis. [Read more] Listings Management. Manage your business listings and sponsored listings from the control panel. Add, remove, modify listings as you please. [Read more]
Custom Page Management. Create and manage your own custom pages. Add an "About" page or publish articles. [Read more] Google Maps Integration. The most professional business directories all integrate Google Maps. Yours will too! [Read more] SEO Ready. Out of the box, your site is optimized for long tail search terms with SEO-friendly URLs. [Read more]

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