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There’s still money to be made in niche business directories.

6 Sep

When I first launched this site, the only product I had was this ebook here: Pick Your Niche.  It’s about making autopilot money from niche business directories.

Some people were wondering if it was still possible to make money from niche business directories given the rise of Google Local listings.  I’ve always answered “yes.”

Just the other day, I was browsing BlackHatWorld and came across a number of new forum threads from people who reported making a lot of money from niche business directories.  Here, have a look:

I’ve also come across a number of recent offers on WarriorForum related to the topic of making money from niche business directories.

In short, I still strongly believe you can make a lot of money from niche business directories and there are tons of different ways and permutations of similar ways to achieve this goal.  Have a look at those 2 forum threads and be inspired!


Pick Your Niche reviewed by Social Improve!

12 May

Pick You Niche has just been reviewed by the blog Social Improve!

As many of you may know, Pick Your Niche is a guide about selecting, creating, and, most importantly, capitalizing on niche business directories.  Pick Your Niche is, in fact, my first guide and has gone through 3 editions since its initial release earlier this year.

Not only are online niche directories are great examples of autoscale, autopilot, value-add sites, but they are one of the most profitable types of sites you can create today!  In my most recent niche business directory, with minimal work, I have taken it to $1000+/month by the 3rd month.   One happy customer gave an update only 2 weeks after getting the guide and reported “Since having read this report, and having implement a few things that even I had been over-looking, I have actually increased my monthly intake by over $1100.”

Anyway, enough of me selling my own product.  For an unbiased review from reputable third party, check out the Pick Your Niche book review on Social Improve.



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