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As the small business owner, does Groupon work?

18 Jun

Earlier this week, I came across a very interesting case study article from a small business owner describing his experiences with Groupon.  Groupon and other group buying coupon sites is one of the hottest trends these days.  However, a growing controversial debate is whether there are any actual, long-term benefits to the small business — not the consumer.

There are 2 main things that make Groupon (and similar sites) unattractive to the small business owner.

  • One, Groupon takes a huge cut of the already discounted product or service.  In this article, he says the Groupon cut is typically 50-60% of the revenue.  As a result, in most situations, the business is literally losing money for each coupon sold (and consumed).  Therefore, business view Groupon promotions as a marketing investment.  It’s a great way to get the word out there about their businesses.
  • Secondly, the customers that Groupon drives to businesses are, for the most part, price-sensitive consumers — i.e. cheap bastards. 🙂  Therefore, are these the customers businesses want to attract?  Also, what are the chances of repeat customers, since most products/services offered via Groupon a fairly expensive (without the Groupon discount)?

Now given these odds, the author describes the strategies he used to make the Groupon promotion a worthwhile investment.


The business of digital books. Why should you be in it?

27 Mar

Before you continue, take a look at this blog post by Bob Cringely. It’s titled Parrot Secrets and tells a story of a guy making over $400,000 a year selling ebooks about parrot training.

Done?  Don’t cheat and skip ahead. 🙂

Now, let’s tie the brilliance of selling a digital book to our autoscale, autopilot, value-add model.  […]


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