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Here’s a tip. Create a 40,000 page site instantly with a zip code dataset.

9 Jul

Not too long ago, I introduced the idea of creating a megasite using publicly available datasets.  In this article, we’ll discuss how we can use US zip codes to create a 40,000 page megasite instantly.

(You can pick up your copy of the zip codes data set here:

So, how does it work?  […]

Use publicly available datasets to create a value-added megasite.

14 Apr

A few days ago, I launched a live case study where I created a 300,000 page site. One curious reader emailed me and referred to it as a “megasite.”  She saw the value in creating these massive sites and was very interested in creating her own megasite.  So, let’s discuss this concept further.

In my recent case study, I was able to create 300,000 page site (upon launch) by leveraging an API.  In this article, we will explore another method of creating a value-added megasite.  We will leverage publicly available datasets, instead.

First thing’s first.  What is a dataset? With some help from Wikipedia, a dataset is defined as a collection of data, usually presented in a table. Each column represents a particular attribute.  Each row corresponds to a given entry of the dataset.   For instance, if we have dataset on cars, the columns can be “model,” “make,” “color,” “year,” and “license.”  Then, an example of a row entry could take on the values “Accord,” “Honda,” “White,” “2009,” “TMWSW23.” […]


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