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Two more testimonials for 300K Job Search In-a-Box – keep ’em coming!

17 Jun

Get in on the Early Bird discount 300K Job Search (Hosted Solution).  Coupons are getting used up fast!

Here are a couple more reviews for this offering. The first is from Jim Saari, who launched

“Thank you for this great script.

To think that I just found it online while browsing is amazing.  That fact also goes to prove that this guy knows what he’s doing.

This is definitely a true autopilot system!

I was really excited about how fast things picked up right from the start.

Project started 7th of June. So far (17th of June) Google has indexed 8500 pages.

Also, everything is set up to plug ads in. I have set up AdSense and CPA offers.

Even the organic traffic has picked up without me doing anything. Analytics says: 94 visits so far. […]

Live Case Study: The case of 300,000 pages and counting.

11 Apr

This is my first live case study.  In this case study, I will build and grow an autoscale, autopilot, value-add site from scratch.  The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate techniques in real time.  With the exception of coding the initial site (these activities are tabulated under day 0), everything is done in real time, including domain registration.

The subject of this case study will be a a niche jobs search site, built off the Indeed API. is an established jobs search engine of US-based job opportunities.  They have a publishers program with an API that allows our site to pull the job results.  For job seekers that click through to Indeed, we will also get paid as a publisher.  A nice added bonus, eh?

Our niche job search site will focus on clerical jobs.  Within clerical jobs, we have 3 sections: 1 for accounting jobs, 1 for bookkeeping jobs, and 1 for auditing jobs.

Now, how does the autoscale work?

First, upon launch, the site will have 300,000 pages.  Note, this does not mean all 300K pages will be indexed by Google.  It only means a Googlebot will find 300K unique pages across our site.  Here’s how I came up with that estimate. […]


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