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Yet another satisfied 300K customer!

15 Jun

To celebrate the recent release of the 300K Hosted Solution, I have been sharing customer testimonials (posted yesterday and the day before).  Well, here’s another.  This one’s written by Simon Hurst, who bought 3 licenses, one of which is Local Sales Jobs.

“Having been around the web a while and been ripped off a few times it is a joy to report back on the service I have received from Dave and his 300K business package. I bought three licenses at the end of May.

To start with my technical skills are low but the back up I received from Dave during my installation was top class. He even kept patience with me when it was down to my miss typing my domain names that I was having issues. With Dave’s help the install was completed quickly, with fast responses to my email questions, usually following user errors from my end.

Now to the beef, the three domains I registered are all indexed in google with over 7,000 pages indexed. Every day sees more pages indexed. As yet I have not used the pages to build or sell back-links, but hey I have been on holiday while this has been happening. In addition I am now starting to see adsense income as well.

I am completely happy with my purchase and the power of the 300K package, so much so I am studying Dave’s other packages and services. The man rocks.” […]

Another 300K testimonial – $325 in 2 weeks

14 Jun

This morning, I just released the Hosted Solution version of 300K Job Search In-a-Box.  (Check out this link for the Early Bird discount of 25% off, which applies for the life of your account.) So, I’m now posting up customers testimonials.

Here’s one I just received from Bob Reilly, who bought 3 licenses of 300K Job Search In-a-Box at the end of May.  For those following my SEO case study, Bob is the customer who saw a $20+ day from Indeed on day 2 of his sites being up!

Well, anyway, here’s the testimonial…

“First I would like to say thank you. Following your system I have made to date over $325.00 in ad sales thru I am making REAL MONEY!

And my sites are indexing well and fast. After two weeks one site is at 6060 pages index and the other is 4600 pages index. I have had some positive results in both sites. I also flipped one site I own for $200.00 so the system works. My site URL’s are: and I would and have recommended your system to many!


Bob Rielly” […]

Cool, check out this customer testimonial of 300K Job Search In-a-Box!

12 Jun

300K Job Search In-a-Box has been about 3 weeks now… and I’ve been receiving very great responses from customers!  Here’s one I just received last night.

“My name is Keith Dean and I am an Offline Client consultant with over 20 clients that I provide work for. My main client has a podcasting service for students and unemployed graduates and needed a job site service to help promote his site.

I discovered Dave from “the man who sold the web” by accident and once I had read through the technical details of how to set up a jobsite using his script decided to purchase 3 licences for my client. I was a little worried with some of the technical aspects of the setup but I didn’t realise what a superb level of support I would receive from Dave.

I was helped through a couple of the steps that were a little too technical for me and now have a fantastic job site for UK jobs running live on my clients site at

For anyone wanting to set up a jobsite this is the place to go as not only do you start gaining backlinks quickly from the job pages as they get indexed but you also receive fantastic support and help every step of the way – a 5 star recommendation from me!” […]


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