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As the small business owner, does Groupon work?

18 Jun

Earlier this week, I came across a very interesting case study article from a small business owner describing his experiences with Groupon.  Groupon and other group buying coupon sites is one of the hottest trends these days.  However, a growing controversial debate is whether there are any actual, long-term benefits to the small business — not the consumer.

There are 2 main things that make Groupon (and similar sites) unattractive to the small business owner.

  • One, Groupon takes a huge cut of the already discounted product or service.  In this article, he says the Groupon cut is typically 50-60% of the revenue.  As a result, in most situations, the business is literally losing money for each coupon sold (and consumed).  Therefore, business view Groupon promotions as a marketing investment.  It’s a great way to get the word out there about their businesses.
  • Secondly, the customers that Groupon drives to businesses are, for the most part, price-sensitive consumers — i.e. cheap bastards. 🙂  Therefore, are these the customers businesses want to attract?  Also, what are the chances of repeat customers, since most products/services offered via Groupon a fairly expensive (without the Groupon discount)?

Now given these odds, the author describes the strategies he used to make the Groupon promotion a worthwhile investment.


Cool, check out this customer testimonial of 300K Job Search In-a-Box!

12 Jun

300K Job Search In-a-Box has been about 3 weeks now… and I’ve been receiving very great responses from customers!  Here’s one I just received last night.

“My name is Keith Dean and I am an Offline Client consultant with over 20 clients that I provide work for. My main client has a podcasting service for students and unemployed graduates and needed a job site service to help promote his site.

I discovered Dave from “the man who sold the web” by accident and once I had read through the technical details of how to set up a jobsite using his script decided to purchase 3 licences for my client. I was a little worried with some of the technical aspects of the setup but I didn’t realise what a superb level of support I would receive from Dave.

I was helped through a couple of the steps that were a little too technical for me and now have a fantastic job site for UK jobs running live on my clients site at

For anyone wanting to set up a jobsite this is the place to go as not only do you start gaining backlinks quickly from the job pages as they get indexed but you also receive fantastic support and help every step of the way – a 5 star recommendation from me!” […]

21K in 21 Days (my latest free eBook).

8 May

Last week, I took the results from the first 21 days of my live SEO case study, analyzed it, and compiled everything (data + analysis) into a book, 21K in 21 Days.  This is another free guide, which you can download here.

Here is some of what you will find in the book:

  • Day-by-day update log — so you can see indexing growth rates and plateaus
  • Detailed analytics — screenshots taken from Google Analytics
  • Key insights
  • Site architecture/design

  • SEO strategy

I think many people may find the “Key insights” section the most interesting part of the book, because I highlight insights that counter conventional “wisdom” about Internet Marketing.  So, I’ve reproduced most of that section below here (for those too lazy to download the book). […]


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