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Another stamp of approval for 300K In-a-Box! | The Man Who Sold the Web Blog

Another stamp of approval for 300K In-a-Box!

22 Jun

Here’s another positive customer testimonial for 300K Job Search In-a-Box. This one’s from Charles, who owns and just recently upgraded to the 5 license package!

“It’s been a very long time since I have seen such a solid method for producing ongoing passive income for the long haul with immediate benefits.

Major advantages – what I discovered in implementing Dave’s script:

  • easy and quick setup
  • clearly explained steps to get up and running fast
  • no fiddling and tweaking with a WordPress or other CMS setup on a shared hosting environment that can put a strain on server resources
  • natural and rapid backlinking for quick indexing in Google
  • outstanding, highly responsive support in the rare case you have an issue
  • multiple monetization options, plus automatic built in ad sales method
  • easy ability to modify your site’s appearance
  • very low ongoing maintenance, if any
  • continual fresh auto-generated content that Google adores with thousands of SEO-friendly pages
  • no need to write or import or spin your own content

Recommendation:If you are technically challenged, go the Hosted route.
If you can do simple modifications to a php script and prefer to host your own sites, try the self-hosted method (preferably with the SEO Matrix option site license).”

So, stop dawdling and get in on the Early Bird discount for the Hosted Solution, just released last week!


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