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  Your very own niche job search engine—300,000 pages of unique content out of the box!

The 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box is a turnkey solution for creating your own autoscale, autopilot, value-added megasite. Plus, it's immediately monetized—with integration into Indeed's Publisher program.

Have your own megasite up and
running this very hour!
Save yourself countless hours of time and frustration. With 300K Job Search In-a-Box, literally all you need to do is register the domain name. Our turnkey hosted solution will create a niche 300,000 page job search site for you instantly. Check out my live SEO case study to see how you can have your 300K site earning $100+/month in just 2 months. Learn more about this solution.

You register the domain
I will host and maintain your site on our cloud!
Recommended if you want to avoid
the headache of script installation,
script updates, and server management.
With Self Installation, you can download the script and install it with your own host. This is recommended for those who are more tech-savvy.

1 License
You have the rights to install this script on 1 domain only.
3 Installs
You have the rights to install this script 3 times on up to 3 domains.
5 Installs
You have the rights to install this script 5 times on up to 5 domains.
  If you are interested in more than 5 licenses, please email dave@[this domain].



Review from Bob Rielly
Following your system I have made to date over $325.00 in ad sales thru I am making REAL MONEY! And my sites are indexing well and fast. After two weeks one site is at 6060 pages index and the other is 4600 pages index. ... I also flipped one site I own for $200.00 so the system works. [...]
Review from Jim Saari
This is definitely a true autopilot system! Project started 7th of June. So far (17th of June) Google has indexed 8500 pages. Also, everything is set up to plug ads in. I have set up AdSense and CPA offers. Even the organic traffic has picked up without me doing anything. Analytics says: 94 visits so far. [...]
Review from Keith Dean
I was helped through a couple of the steps that were a little too technical for me and now have a fantastic job site for UK jobs running live on my clients site at [...]
Review from Turan Tanin
I bought the package two weeks ago. Today I have 8700 pages indexed and its growing fast. Google already identified more than 20 long tail keywords pointing to internal pages of the site. Really unbelievable and highly recommended. [...]
Review from Hamant Keval
That is an awesome script Ė I installed the whole package including the domain research, buy domain, set up site on reseller hosting and install the script in just over an hour. The indeed registering process was very fast and straight forward. Amazing script. [...]
Review from Simon Hurst
Now to the beef, the three domains I registered are all indexed in google with over 7,000 pages indexed. Every day sees more pages indexed. ... In addition I am now starting to see adsense income as well. I am completely happy with my purchase and the power of the 300K package, so much so I am studying Daveís other packages and services. The man rocks. [...]


300K Page Job Search In-a-Box is the first turnkey solution for creating an autoscale, autopilot, value-added mega site. In fact, this solution is created directly from my live case study—where my readers watched me launch a 300,000 page website in 1 day, index 21,000+ pages in 21 days, reach profitability in 1 month, and make $100+/month by the 2nd month!

With the Hosted Solution, all you need to do is register the domain name and point it to my servers. Everything is set up. Don't worry about hosting—your site will be live on our cloud. Don't worry about configuring, installing, and updating the script—manage your site from TheManWhoSoldtheWeb online control panel. With the Self Installation option, you can download and host the script yourself. The script requires PHP and MySQL. Please check out the FREE 21K in 21 Days guide for more information on the site architecture and design. Here's what you get with the "300K Page Job Search In-a-Box" solution:

  • Your Own Megasite. Immediately upon install, your site will have roughly 300,000 pages of unique content. And that's just the beginning, because this site is designed to autoscale. Learn a bit more about creating a megasite here.
  • A Massive Backlink Arsenal. Just like you want to build a subscriber list, it is equally as important to build a backlink arsenal. The reason you want to build a subscriber list is to drive traffic to web properties via email. Similarly, the reason you want to build a backlink arsenal is to drive traffic to web properties via SEO. Just three weeks after launch, my Job Search In-a-Box site had 23,000 pages indexed by Google. Imagine the link juice I have now, which I didn't have 3 weeks prior. A lot of people spend money buying backlinks. How much do you think it would cost to buy 300,000 permanent backlinks? What about 21,000 permanent backlinks from indexed pages? A couple hundred, maybe a couple thousand? Either way, the value of this backlink arsenal is extraordinary.
  • Immediate Monetization. Our jobs data is based off Indeed's API as part of its Publishers program. This means, after you configure the site with your own Indeed Publisher ID, you can immediately make money from visitors that your site sends to Indeed. (Learn more about the Indeed Publisher program here.) In their program, you earn money from visitor referrals and job posting sales. Job postings is already integrated into this solution. Per Indeed, the average sale of a job posting is $200. This turnkey solution also makes it very easy for you to integrate ads from other programs, such as Google Adsense. See the live demo for examples of integrated Adsense ads.
  • Complete Customizability. This solution is completely customizable. From the start, you will specify the job categories that define your particular job search niche. For instance, in our live demo, I focused on clerical jobs that fall within the categories of "bookkeeping," "auditing," and "accounting." Through the control
  • panel, you will also be able to modify all the text that appear throughout your job search megasite.
  • Perpetually Added Fresh Content. This goes hand in hand with the concept of autoscale. Since new jobs are constantly being posted to Indeed, you site will constantly grow with new content. This means, even if you don't need to touch your site anymore after initial setup, it will continue to grow with new content. This also means, with time, Google will come across more and more fresh content on your site.
  • Ad Management. Want to get more aggressive with your monetization? Sure thing. We have a fully integrated ad management system that will allow you to manage text ads driven through direct ad sales.

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