Check out my first LIVE CASE STUDY and watch me build a 300,000+ page site! I show everything – domain, Google analytics, SEO strategy...







  The best way to learn is by example.

That's why, in this guide, I walk through a real example—day by day—to teach you how I got 21,000+ pages of a brand new domain indexed by Google in 21 days. I reveal everything to this case study–what I did, why it works, and what I learned.

This guide is based on the live case study I am conducting on my blog: The case of 300,000 and growing.


On an auspicious Monday in sunny Southern California, I started a SEO case study focused on getting a new domain rapidly indexed by Google...

21 days into the case study, I had well over 21,000 pages indexed by Google!

In this free eBook, I analyze all my daily logs and detail exactly what I did to achieve this.

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Here is what you will find inside 21K in 21 Days:

  • The actual domain - so you can browse and explore the actual site showcased in the case study
  • Day-by-day update log - so you can see indexing growth rates and plateaus
  • Key insights - many of you may find this section the most interesting part of the book, because I highlight several insights that counter conventional "wisdom" about Internet Marketing
  • Site architecture/design - I explain how I architected the site to achieve these indexing results
  • SEO strategy - I explain my SEO strategy -- see my 4-tiered backlinking structure and understand why it works
  • Detailed analytics - screenshots taken from Google Analytics

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Site Architecture/Design
Explained in detail inside the guide.

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